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A person who enjoys change and sees everything as an opportunity and takes on challenges

We welcome those who enjoy changes and view them as opportunities and take on challenges

Someone who aims to be an AIS specialist

We welcome those who aim to be alternative investment specialists

Enjoying working at our company continuously evolving and growing

・Those who grasp business opportunities
・Those who are engaged in various job opportunities enthusiastically

While enjoying our continual evolution and growth

AIC strongly believes that each staff's challenges create our future.
In recent years, our business has been rapidly growing due to the rise of demand among domestic investors for alternative investments (especially illiquid alternative assets such as PE funds).
We look forward to working with those who enjoy challenges, and welcome those who aim to be an alternative investments specialist.

What we can provide

For those who seek to be alternative investment (illiquid asset) specialists, we believe that we can provide the largest opportunities in Japan.

Knowledge, expertise and opportunities available at our company

Experience of a wide range of illiquid assets

We can provide opportunities to gain experience in a wide range of global illiquid assets such as not only private equity funds but also infrastructure and private debt funds.

Wide range of solutions

We can provide opportunities to gain experience of not only primary investments but also other investment methods such as LP secondary investments and co-investments.

Wide range of clients

We are covering a wide range of investors including as financial institutions, private and public pensions and individual investors.
※Regarding individual investors, our role is an investment manager of products for individual investors.

Wide range of operation's experience

As a top tier firm of illiquid alternative investments, we can provide opportunities to gain experience from a wide range of integrated operations related to domestic and abroad various alternative investments funds such as FOF.
We also provide opportunities to build knowledge about accounting and tax specific to alternative investments funds.

Environment that welcomes change

There are opportunities to experience various fund-related operations even if one has no previoous experience.
Regardless of backgrounds, AIC holds corporate culture in which everyone can freely express ideas. AIC also has the environment in which we support those who try to implement new ideas.

Voice of Employees

Employee A

Upon deciding my career to be an alternative investment specialist, I chose AIC since I could focus on expanding
my knowledge without the concerns of job rotations which many traditional Japanese financial institutions implement.
The company has a flex working time system which allows me and my wife to attend to our children,
and along with the remote working system, helps us keep the work-life balance.
The dress code free environment (business casual) makes it easy for us to build a frank and interactive working environment.

I have recently taken up English Class to  improve my communication skills, with the cost aid of the company.
My colleagues use the company aid to prepare for the securities analyst exam, and I am grateful that the company is understanding towards its employee's extensive learning.

Employee B

Although our company is a relatively small organization, AIC has a variety of systems such as maternity
and a child care leave system.
I also have witnessed a case where an former staff has rejoined us,
which is rare in most Japanese companies, which I think shows that the work environment is friendly and open.
Staffs enjoy lunch at free spaces, or at restaurants that are nearby our office right in the center of Tokyo.

The office also is eco-friendly with paper-less/recycling papers and has a coffee machine that uses fair trade coffee beans.
※Fair trade: Efforts to trade raw materials from developing countries at a reasonable price.

Our office environment

Our office environment
Our office environment
Our office environment
Our office environment
Our office environment
Our office environment