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Reijiro Samura, President and Representative Director, CIO

Reijiro Samura, President and CEO, CIO

We are an investment management company, which has focused on illiquid alternative assets area in which is particularly private equity and venture capital.
Our company is also engaged in the structuring of funds of funds, discretionary investment management services such as separate accounts and investment advisory services, and has been a sucessful leading firm in the PE industry in Japan.
Our goal is to provide our clients with outstanding performance by investing in superior domestic and overseas funds centered on private equity and also to offer a variety of investment opportunities, including not only primary investments in which we make new fund investments, but also secondary investments and co-investments.

Since the company's founding, AIC has endeavored to be a bridge between investors and investment managers (GPs).
Our business has been developing rapidly with the role of private equity in the capital markets has been expanding and I, as head of the company have felt a strong sense of responsibilities.
I believe that we should aim to enrich our lives globally with an awareness of social issues such as ESG as well as improving performances since Private equity is also known as "People's Business".
Modern societies are becoming increasingly efficient by technologies such as AI which enables people to work more efficiently.
However, the relationship between each individuals are important in the end in any period.
It is more important in the world like a private equity industry where there is no public information in an era of heightened uncertainty Most of our business has been built up through the relationship between each individual.
Because of that, I believe it is important to respond "sincerely" in all aspects and to gain "trust."
Trust is something that is built through time, but it takes only a second to lose it.
Since our establishment in 2002, we have sincerely confronted all of our stakeholders and won their trust with sprit "Be a leading company, which is a model in our industry.
I believe we continue to work with everyone in good faith as a trusted investment management company.


Reijiro Samura, President and CEO, CIO

Experience in PE fund investments at Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation (formerly Mitsubishi Trust and Banking Corporation), direct investments and secondary investments as Managing Partner at Ant Capital Partners, private fund investments including other alternative investments as Director at Asset Management One Alternative Investments (formerly Mizuho Global Alternative Investments).
Joined AIC in 2016.
Presiden and CEO, Chairperson of Investment Committees of FoFs and managed accounts at AIC.