Mission Statement


~What We Will Accomplish~


~Who We Aspire to Be~


~Our Creed~

Mission~What We Will Accomplish~

Alternative Investment Capital Ltd. (AI Capital) will serve as a bridge for Investors and fund managers worldwide in order to spur further development in the private equity industry.

Vision~Who We Aspire to Be~

As a professional firm specialized in private equity operations we will,
provide optimal private equity investment solutions,
continue to communicate the social significance of the private equity industry, and
attract talented human resources and be a captivating organization for them.

Values~Our Creed~

We will work to build an even larger global network of our own to ensure that
we provide up-to-date information.
●Creativity and Challenge
While creating new services, we will increase the breadth and depth of our
knowledge and experience to ensure that we continuously embrace challenges
without shying from change.
We will muster our collective strength to act swiftly with resolve.
●Respect for Individuals
We will discuss issues openly and frankly based on respect for the originality and diversity of individuals.
We will observe high ethical standards and approach our clients with sincerity.
●Together with Clients
We will provide high-quality services by accurately gauging customer needs.
Furthermore, we will take responsibility for and pride in our clients’ success.